Allyson Paige

I’ve been using the Slimming Teas (Green Tea Variant) for a few months now. Somehow everything has improved, and I can say that there has truly been a marked difference.

Grant Harris

Thanks to the insights on this blog, I can really declare with confidence that I’m more self-disciplined than before. I finally understand that the solution is not so much with the sophisticated technology that I use, but it’s really with my capacity to delay gratification.

Allan Cruz

This blog is amazing. I’ve learned so many things especially when it comes to losing weight without the hassle of difficult solutions. I’m really going to pass the idea on to all of my friends. Several of them also have the same problem – we seem to get fat so fast, but then we lose weight too slowly. Sad story of the century.

Shanice Greyson

Really helpful blog! Thank you so much for this. I do have  a question though. Does anyone have any tips on how I can tell if I’m allergic to a particular kind of slimming oil without having to actually try it? My mom bought a whole stash for me but then I’m kind of scared that I might be allergic to it. The kind is grapefruit oil. She says I need it for my upcoming prom, and I can’t argue with that.

Faye Hunter

I agree with what I’ve read so far in these articles. I’m been bullied as a fat kid all my life, and I’ve tried everything (except going under the knife). I had almost lost all hope at losing weight, but when I got introduced to slimming teas, I was baffled. I got slimmer in two weeks and I even felt healthier.

Cassey Yee

Some people might be deluded into thinking that these slimming teas and oils are the end-all be-all solution to the need to lose weight. However, everyone has to understand that they’re supposed to supplement whatever effort you have already exerted. Make sure that you also practice self-discipline in making yourself lose weight. If you get too caught up in artificial solutions, you might end up regretting it.